Parish Nursing


Julie Goodman, R.N.
is Grace’s Parish Nurse

Blood Pressure Checks
First Sunday of each month
9-10:00 am
All welcome! No charge!

Ministering to Your Health

Julie Goodman, Parish Nurse

This may be a perfect time for you (and your loved ones) to focus on healthy eating. Eating provides for physical needs, social needs, and has spiritual implications. There are SO many choices; aim for the greatest nutritional gain – it could save your life!

Test your nutritional knowledge:

1) How much sugar does the average American eat in a year?
a. 62 lbs.
b. 25 lbs.

2) You are better off using:
a. “raw” sugar and honey
b. granulated sugar
c. it makes no difference

3) Vitamin C prevents infection and promotes healthy gums and blood vessels. Which is the best source ?
a. citrus fruits
b. broccoli

4) You have a burger, fries, and chocolate shake for lunch. How many calories?
a. 700
b. 1200

Guess what happens when you Super-Size? The average adult calorie requirement for 24hrs is 1800-2200.

5) Where is Vitamin A found in greater supply?
a. sweet potatoes
b. cereals

6) Which provides calcium?
a. sardines
b. pasta
c. yogurt

7) Which vitamin promotes clear( blemish-free) skin and healthy hair?
a. D
b. K
c. A

Check the Health Ministry bulletin board to see how you did. Happy Healthy Eating!

Colon Cancer
An estimated 148,000 people will be diagnosed with the disease this year. If caught early it can be almost always be SUCCESSFULLY treated. Talk to you doctor about screening!

Steps to reduce your risk:
1. Know your family history
2. Exercise 30 minutes a day (it doesn’t have to be all at one time)
3. Eat 5 or more servings of fruits & vegetables a day
4. Stay at your ideal weight

The internet is a great tool for finding medical information. Sometimes, however, the information can be misleading, unreliable or even false. Be CAREFUL and consult you physician. Check the bulletin board for 8 questions to keep in mind when using the internet.